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Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Chennai students unite to Prevent Suicide

Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Chennai students unite to Prevent Suicide


(Don Bosco Arts & Science College, Chennai) – In a heartwarming display of solidarity and empathy, students from Don Bosco Arts and Science College the National Service Scheme (NSS) and various academic departments came together on September 10, 2023, to participate in a 3 Km walkathon with a profound mission: to raise awareness and prevent suicide. Under the banner of “Creating Hope Through Action,” this event, held in the picturesque Besant Nagar, Chennai served as a beacon of unity and compassion, drawing the active participation of 75 dedicated students.


The event was graced by two distinguished guests, each bringing their unique perspectives and inspiring messages:

Mr. Siddharth, the Actor: A well-known figure in the world of cinema, Mr. Siddharth added a touch of stardom to the event. His passionate words resonated deeply as he stressed the importance of mental health and the significance of reaching out to those in need. He highlighted the profound impact each individual can make in supporting others.


Dr. Radhakrishnan, Commissioner of Greater Chennai Corporation: Dr. Radhakrishnan, a highly respected figure in public service, delivered a powerful message about the pivotal role of community involvement in preventing suicide. His words emphasized the collective responsibility we all share in nurturing hope and well-being.


The 3 Km walkathon was far more than a physical challenge; it was a symbol of unity and shared commitment. Each step taken by the students resonated with the message that together, they could create a lasting impact on the landscape of mental health awareness and suicide prevention.


The event garnered strong support from esteemed faculty members, including Professors Irshad, Sukumar, Dinvine, Sivakumar, Priyadharshini and Asasikkannu. Their active participation exemplified the spirit of togetherness and mentorship that drives this noble cause forward.


In this endeavor to promote mental health awareness and prevent suicide, heartfelt gratitude is extended to two remarkable individuals:

Bro. Peter and team: Their unwavering support and dedication were indispensable in making the event a resounding success. Their belief in the cause and tireless efforts were truly commendable.


The meticulous planning and execution of the event were masterfully carried out by Shen and Niraivagam. Their commitment to the cause and attention to detail were evident in every aspect of the walkathon. We sincerely acknowledge Fr. Jayaraj the director of Niraivagam and Fr. Ravi the Assist. Director


The 3 Km walkathon for suicide prevention was a journey of purpose, symbolizing the collective resolve of our students to create hope through action, propagate mental health awareness, and prevent suicide. As we move forward, let this event be a catalyst for continued efforts to support one another, extend a helping hand to those in need, and craft a world where hope flourishes, one step at a time.



Source: Don Bosco Arts and Science College Chennai