Salesian Institutions of Higher Education
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Under the name of Salesian Institutions for Higher Education (IUS) are grouped all the tertiary or higher education institutions of which the Salesian Congregation is the titular or responsible entity, either directly or indirectly. Together with Student residences and numerous Salesians working in the university world, they are part of the Salesian presence in the Higher Education environment up to this date.
The Salesian presence at this educational level is very recent in the history of the Salesian Congregation. Such work represents an innovation in the exercise and in the development of a Salesian educational mission, strongly focused on education at the primary and secondary levels, as well as in the field of professional education.
Even if the first university college was founded in 1934 (Shillong, India) and a good number of institutions emerged during the 70´s and 80´s, it was only in the year of 1997 that an animation and accompaniment service at this educational level began from the General Direction of Salesians. This service has been characterized by promoting a reflection process of the specific identity of this type of institutions and by favoring the collaboration and joint development of the same.
The educational, cultural, social and regulatory differences of the countries in which they are placed make the IUS, as a whole, a group of very diverse institutions: Universities, University Centers, Colleges, Schools, University Institutes, Polytechnic Institutes, Specialized Higher Institutes, etc. Likewise, there is a variety of courses offered by institutions, with a predominance of courses in the areas of Human Sciences, Education, Communication and several technical fields. The IUS network today consists of more than 94 institutions of Higher Education spread in five continents.