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Academic Networks

Addressing challenges through Science,
Education, and Ministry

Academic Networks

Addressing challenges through Science, Education, and Ministry



One of the Commitments of our Networks is to “offer the general guidelines that facilitate each university academic community the opportunity to develop its own Salesian cultural-scientific-technological-educational and pastoral project”, in order to motivate the contributions and relationships between the IUS
IUS Education Group, Academic Network

IUS Education Group

Immersed within a community full of experts worldwide, the IUS Education group seeks to combine the efforts between institutions to participate and promote a greater and more open scientific Community in the field of education.

IUS Electronics Network (RECAL), Academic Network

Electronic Network (RECAL)

RECAL is an academic network supported by experts in the field of electronics that seek to strengthen research, teaching, innovation, and social development in Latin America through collaboration and projects between Salesian institutions.

IUS Interculturality Network (RIUSI) , Academic Network

IUS Interculturality Network (RIUSI)

The Interculturality Network focuses on producing Social and Cultural impact through academic collaboration in areas of youth, human rights, environmental protection, ecumenical and religious dialogue, and intercultural relations.

IUS Electrical and Smart Cities Network (RECI), Academic Network

Electrical and Smart Cities Network

Networking, knowledge, and teamwork allow the RECI network to generate professional and applied research that pushes boundaries and seeks to respond to the needs in the scientific community of electricity networks and smart cities in countries where the IUS reside.

IUS CIAGEN, Academic Network

CIAGEN Network

Through collaboration with universities, CIAGEN engages in discovering and creating collaborative projects in the Administrative and Economic Sciences areas that will respond to society’s problems, especially those that affect the most vulnerable sectors.

" Today, the sectorial academic networks that are continental are being motivated so they could reach a global level. All the institutions have the same main objective, which encourages to promote academic or scientific collaboration and exchange among the IUS groups. There are numerous Academic Networks and their objectives not only come from their mission, but also collect the legacy and founding principles of the IUS."