Salesian Institutions of Higher Education
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Salesian Institutions of Higher Education

Since the establishment of the first University College in 1934 (Shillong, India) and the emerging institutions during the ’70s and ’80s, the IUS has dedicated its efforts in the practice and development of a Salesian educational mission, strongly focused on education at the primary and secondary levels, as well as in the field of professional education.

St. John Bosco founder of the Salesian Congregation

Meet Don Bosco

Leader and founder of the Salesian Congregation


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Professor instructing the students of Istituto Universitario Salesiano (IUSVE), Venezia Italy

Salesian Congregation

Discover more about the Salesians of Don Bosco.


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Graduation of Assam Don Bosco University students, Tepesia Assam, India

Mission and Identity

Learn about our mission and Salesian pedagogy based on the Preventive System lived by Don Bosco


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John Bosco History books


Discover the foundations of our 95 Institutes.


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Learn about the leaders and policies which guide our institutions.


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