Salesian Institutions of Higher Education
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IUS’s are inspired in the Salesian Pastoral Educational Model proposed in the “Salesian Youth Ministry. Frame of Reference” and have the following guidance documents: “Identity of the Salesian Institutions of Higher Education”, and “Policies for the Salesian Presence in Higher Education”. The implementation of policies is done through elaborating Common Programs at the global and continental level.

The IUS’s count on General Coordination that encourages and accompanies them on behalf of the Salesian Youth Ministry Departament. The Coordinator chairs the Governing Board, an entity composed by six Rectors from different continents or regions, who are elected every four years by the General Assembly, which is the maximum coordination body of the IUSs.

The Continental Coordination bodies promote communication, learning and collaboration between the IUS of the same continent through periodic encounters and based on a Common Program.

The network enriches by the work and collaboration that some groups of institutions develop in some specific areas of knowledge. Such association of institutions by specific areas are called IUS groups or Academic Networks.