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The ISDB COVID-19 Commission attends Biosafety and Biosecurity training program, Mozamque, Africa
ISDB Reopening Plan Implementation Team, Mozambique Africa

ISDB Reopening Plan Implementation Team


(Instituto Superior Dom Bosco, Mozambique) – As part of the ISDB safe reopening process, during the times of pandemic, there is a need to create appropriate solutions to face this process. The ISDB COVID-19 Commission team attended the Biosafety and Bioprotection for Higher Education Institutions program organized by the National Health Institute (INS) for public and private institutions.

The program lasted 8 hours and had as the primary purpose was to train the teams or commissions responsible for implementing the measures to prevent and combat COVID – 19 in Higher Education Institutions on Biosafety and Bioprotection.

By: Augusto Tembe