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Unisalesiano medicine student practicals resume in the classroom and laboratories of the university, Brazil


(UniSALESIANO, Araçatuba e Lins) – UniSALESIANO began the return of practical classes on Wednesday, September 2, for the Medicine faculty, following the safety standards requested by who (World Health Organization) and Brazilian health authorities.

The activities take place in a ventilated and broad environments, the use of masks, hand sanitizers, and social distancing are obligated. According to the Coordinator of the Medicine Faculty, Prof. Dr. Antônio Henrique Poletto, the classrooms where the classes are restarting has a capacity of 200 people. However, there will be 20 students per room.

“Here, practical classes linked to the 1st semester of 2020, they will take place twice a week and are being rescheduled in the sequence. This is a progressive replacement strategy, that increases security in relation to Covid-19, we are extending the return, using the laboratories”, explained the coordinator.

Poletto pointed out that during the first semester of this year, when pedagogical activities had to be done by remotely due to the pandemic of the new coronavirus, UniSALESIANO prioritized the permanence of its faculty and maintained the all its commitments to the public health network.


Natália Furlaneto, a 4th-semester student from Catanduva (SP) has opted to return to practical classes by moving and living individually in Araçatuba. “That way, I don’t put anyone’s life at risk. Also, I want to retake practical activities,  of theoretical content applied last semester”, she mentioned.

Natalia said the measures taken by UniSALESIANO gave her security. In addition to the constant use of hand sanitizer, social distancing, and the masks, she said she admired the organization simulation and monitoring for the medical skills classes. “It was very well organized,” she added.

Matheus Steque, also a student from the 4th semester of Medicine, stressed that the methodology of the career, the PBL (Problem-Based Learning), favored remote studying during the pandemic. “We continue our academic routine, participation, and commitment to education. We continue being observed and evaluated at all times,” he explained.

Upon return, the student, who is from Balm, in the region of São José do Rio Preto (SP), said he was a little unsafe, but that the security measures inside the university and care each either, helped reassure him. “I was anxious because we needed the practice to be able to consolidate the theoretical content that we have,” he said.

The professor of Medical Skills, Prof. Dr. Vinícius Nakad – who is an intensive care physician and coordinator of the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) Adult team of The Unimed Araçatuba Hospital – highlighted that the career started practical classes as well, in a positive way. “It was better than I imagined, and our intention is to pass the subjects in the best possible way, within a well-controlled, open, and controlled environment,” he said.

“The reunion of students, teachers, the situation of the University is a cause for joy. I am very happy as Rector and I ask that everyone can feel unisalesiano again as their home, spending time here”

Rector of UniSALESIANO, Fr. Luigi Favero

Finally, the Rector of UniSALESIANO, Fr. Luigi Favero, said that the restart of practical classes of the Medical Course is cause for joy and hope. Joy because, if not all students, but a good number are already within the University. And then also hope, because it signals that the health conditions of the State of São Paulo and the city have improved, and everything makes you expect that things will gradually normalize.

Unisalesiano students return to practices, BrasilUnisalesiano students return to practies_3-8-2020_4








Posted by: Monique Bueno de Oliveira