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15ª Engetec – Semana de Engenharia e Tecnologia, Unisalesiano Brasil


(UniSALESIANO, Araçatuba e Lins) – UniSALESIANO held the 15th Engetec – Engineering and Technology Week – between October 26th and 30th, in an online manner. The event explored different topics that were addressed by prominent national and international professionals.


The coordinators of the course were Professor Nelson Hitoshi Takiy, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Mechatronic Engineering. Prof.ª Maria Teixeira, of Computer Engineering, Technology in Analysis and Development of Systems and Technology in Digital Games. Prof. Giuliano Pincerato, of Civil Engineering and Prof.ª Valéria Rocha, of Chemistry.


The Coordinator of the Computer Engineering, Technology in Analysis and Development of Systems and Technology in Digital Games Courses, Prof.ª Maria Teixeira, stated that the event’s objective was to bring students the most modern technologies and Research in technological areas that tend to change the world.


“This edition of Engetec, being online, managed to bring together professionals that it was difficult to bring to face-to-face events due to the distances and appointment schedules. For example, we were able to include in the program the speaker Rafael Dubiela, who works in the International Gaming Industry precisely because it is a virtual event”

– Professor Maria Teixeira, Coordinator of the Computer Engineering


Within the lectures in the area of ​​technology, the following topics were addressed: Virtual and Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and Automation.


The Coordinator of the Civil Engineering Course, Prof. Giuliano Pincerato, said what makes Engetec unique, is that the organizers always seek to attract interesting subjects and speakers who know how to dominate them objectively. “Engineer Othon Lucas Procópio, for example, spoke about photovoltaic energy, and this topic took more than two hours, due to the interest of the participants concerning the topic”, said Pincerato.


In addition to photovoltaic energy, lectures were given on the Medina Method; Workplace safety; SAT IQ, among others.


The Coordinator of the Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Mechatronic Engineering Courses, Prof. Nelson Hitoshi Takiy, mentioned the participation of Engineer Alexandre Carmo, from Portugal, who is CEO of AC Group. “He interacted with our students directly from Portugal, spoke about the New Professional 5.0, and how new opportunities for the job market arise. It also showed an overview of the potential for engineering graduates and experiences lived by professionals from multinational companies,”.


In ​​Engineering, the program included topics, such as Entrepreneurship in the Digital World; Industrial Lubricants; Technological advances in 2D, 3D and 4D measurement; Engineering Challenges and New Technology Implementation Steps, among others.


Finally, the Chemistry Course coordinator, Prof.ª Valéria Rocha, explained that interesting topics were applied at Engetec and applied in the industrial area. “One of the lectures was given by Chemical Engineer Gabriela Rowe, called‘ Management and Continuous Improvement Tools in the Productive Sector ’and was very helpful. In addition to explaining these tools, he associated them with practical examples of implementation in the PB Leiner Brasil industry, a multinational, where he works as a Process Engineer.”


The students who participated in the lectures received certificates. Those interested who want to review the lectures of the 15th Engetec, should access the UniSALESIANO channel, on Youtube –


Posted by: Monique Bueno de Oliveira