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The RECI network will work along the lines of socialized research that will be increased according to the challenges posed by all the members of the IUS and according to the expertise that each of the members poses within the RECI

Partner Institutions


The network has the purpose of networking, then it will imply knowledge and share it with the purpose of teamwork in both high-impact scientific publications (basic research), and in the development of final products (applied research) capable of being deployed in vulnerable areas, university campuses, among others.


The network seeks to articulate research processes in the consolidation of the scientific community around the concept of electricity networks and smart cities, which need from the efficiency and reliability of the electrical system of each of the countries where members of the IUS reside ; for this, it is necessary to assume the challenges that the concept of smart cities bring around the needs of telecommunications for connectivity and the competitiveness of the electrical system.


  • To have Stable and continous scientific interactions
  • Exchanges of scientific and technical knowledge of mutual interest
  • Potentially synergistic and coordination of its R + D + i + T + N lines
  • Exchanges and mobility of research staff
  • Technological formation of human capital
  • Preparation of proposals for possible research projects or innovation projects
  • Technological dissemination and exchange actions between different groups or entities, that are technically, economically and commercially viable

Research Topics

  • Local government and innovation in smart cities
  • Intelligence and urban sustainability
  • Urban planning for smart cities
  • Optimization
  • Mobility and traffic engineering
  • Smart electrical networks
  • Energy efficiency in buildings
  • Planning and expansion of communication networks
  • Planning and expansion of electrical networks.
  • Micro networks and renewable energies.
  • Response of the Electric Demand.
  • Auto and electric mass transport.

Projects and Highlights


Coordinator: Esteban Inga Ortega