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The IUS Education Group is organized as follows: A General Coordinator and the coordinators representing the continents of America, Europe, South Asia and East Asia and Oceania.
The subjects of participation in the «IUS Education Group» are all IUS, especially those that have faculties, courses, publications and social projection in the field of education in their study or action plans.
Participation is also open, personally and as guests, to those Salesians teachers and researchers who operate in other higher education institutions other than the IUS who want to participate

Partener Institutions


Systematically and continuously dynamize the collaboration between the IUS that address the issue of education both from the point of view of research, teaching, social projection or educational praxis


To direct a synergistic effort between the IUS to participate – and even promote – in a much broader and more open scientific community that is based on continuous relations of exchange of the results of speculation, reflection and experimentation in the specific field of education.


• To generate models of intervention –with a theoretical and practical component– in the field of education, focused on those aspects and  perspectives that  go along the lines with the Salesian charism and mission.

• To participate actively and purposefully in the research, reflection and action circuits of the international scientific community in the field of education and related sciences.

•  To have a qualified own voice in the community in thematic fields that are considered more linked to the charism and to the Salesian pedagogical experience.

Research Topics

  • Young people in educational spaces
  • Education, cultural diversity and interculturality
  • Educational innovation
  • Human formation and youth pastoral accompaniment
  • Ambientes educativos y tecnologías de comunicación
  • Juventudes, asociaciones y espacios educativos universitarios

Projects and Highlights

  • The editorial project: Challenges for Salesian education: Experiences and reflections from the IUS arises as an initiative that aims to strengthen the inter-institutional academic links between the IUS.
  • Participation in the I Salesian Education Congress, Quito, November 2018
  • Participation in the VIII IUS America Conference, held in the City of Quito in September, meeting with the purpose of strengthening the joint work of IUS America.
    Participation in the IV International Salesian Congress of Education CONISE, held in September 2019, in Sao Paulo, Brazil. With the participation of Dra. María Sol Villagómez, coordinator of the IUS EG, with the opening conference entitled, “Higher education, a political act and an alternative research”. Likewise, the participation of Professor Villagómez, participated in the talk on intercultural education, research and training of educators at the Federal University of Sao Carlos, where he referred to the research processes in teacher training in contexts of cultural diversity.
  • Participation in Santiago de Chile in December 2019, presentation of the book “Don Bosco’s preventive system, some perspectives for School and University education of the 21st century”. The space was used to establish ties with the representatives of Chile for the IUS EG.
  • In Europe through the Coordinator for the IUS EG, Alessio Rocchi, they have achieved:
         a. They held a first meeting in Madrid 2019.
         b. They have created the commission to coordinate the investigative work of the continent (videoconference)
         c. Rome 2020 continental meeting scheduled
  • In America the coordinator for the IUS EG have socialized the 2018-2021 common action plan and have collaborated with scientific production in Socio-Community Education and Popular Education (research and book)

General Coordinator of the IUS Education Group : María Sol Villagómez



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