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The book “Challenges for Salesian Education: Experiences and Reflections from IUS” was presented by the  IUS Education Group, which is made up of professionals from the Salesian Institutions of Higher Education (IUS). The book was published by the University Editorial Abya Yala – UPS and coordinated by María Sol Villagómez, Renato Soffner,Alessio Rocchi and Luis Marquez..

The book offers the academic community the research results of three transcendent topics: human, pastoral and youth formation; educational innovation and education; diversity and interculturality, topics that are developed throughout 17 articles whose authors are 27 professors belonging to 7 IUS in Europe and America and who account for different sensitivities regardign the challenges of Salesian higher education.

Four authors belong to the Salesian Polytechnic University of Ecuador, among them Fr. Juan Cárdenas, who carries out the research “A divergent model of organization and management in a multi-campus university: CASE UPS”, an article that refers to the internal reform of the UPS and the impact on academic management from 2008, the year in which the faculties are abolished and the areas of knowledge are implemented.

Likewise, Miriam Gallego, Wilson Torres and student Jessica Rivadeneira approach “Peer Accompaniment: A Practice of Salesian Pedagogy”, an article describing the work of the Inclusive Education Group (GEI) since 2015 and that seeks to generate experiences that allow students with disabilities to have equal opportunities in higher education.

The IUS Education Group is an academic network made up of professionals from more than twenty Salesian higher education institutions in America, Europe, Asia and Africa. The network was formed with the intention of encouraging a reflection on topics Salesian educational.


Quito, Ecuador, May 7th 2020

Source: Universidad Politécnica Salesiana Ecuador (UPS)