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Journal of Applied and Fundamental Sciences is an unpaid international peer reviewed journal devoted to the publication of original, significant and current scientific research findings and quality review articles in both fundamental and applied sciences. The journal is also committed to scientific correspondences and commentaries, news and views, comments on published research papers, opinions on scientific activity, interviews with scientists, book reviews, etc. Furthermore, special issues of the journal focus on conference proceedings, specialised topics and so forth. The journal publishes two issues in a year, one in the month of May/June and another in the month of November/December. A manuscript, after its submission, is given to the appropriate editor who chooses referee/referees for the paper. However, if in the judgment of the editors a paper is unsuitable for the Journal, it will be rejected without external review (although, under such a scenario, authors have the right to appeal). The journal tries to follow a strict policy for peer review, appointing reviewers (excluding members form the Editorial Board of the journal) who are experts in their respective fields. The journal is indexed in Indian Citation Index, Cosmos Foundation and Google Scholar.

Author: Assam Don Bosco University

Country: India

Year: 2015

Language: English

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Categories: Journal, Scientific Journal
Tags: English, South Asia
Journal of Applied and Fundamental Sciences