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estudiantes de Ingeniería de Sistemas y de Computación de la UPS durante la campaña "Dona tu compu" organizada por Misión Don Bosco


(Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Cuenca) – The Project “Dona tu compu” or donate your computer, organized by “Misión Don Bosco” with the support of Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS), came to an end. The aim was to help children and teenagers from less privileged communities who could not have access to internet during the pandemic. 


Computer engineering students in our branch campus in Quito repaired the equipment that was donated and then took it to vulnerable sectors where “Mision Don Bosco” works. A total of 713 devices were collected, such as laptops, printers, scanners, projectors, tablets, cell phones, MP3s, speakers, keyboards, CPUs, monitors and even fully assembled computers.


“Being able to share my knowledge, learn along with my classmates and help those who need computers and equipment so they can study from home, has been a very gratifying experience”

– Bryan Chacón, Student


Patsy Prieto, director of the computer engineering undergraduate program, stated that at first they expected to get around 50 computers and donate them. However, the project had a great response and they were also able to donate to foundations. 


The Environmental Engineering undergraduate program and the Environmental Club were in charge of carrying out the follow-up to support the campaign. In the last phase, they contacted the environmental manager Fundación Esperanza. “Through environmental protocols, they will help in the responsible use of these wastes to separate materials that can really be recycled,” said Karina Pazmiño, director of Environmental Engineering undergraduate program.


Postedb by: Miguel Leonardo Reino