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El Padre Oscar Lozano sdb., nuevo coordinador general de las Instituciones Salesianas de Educación Superior (IUS)



(Rome) – After four years of intense work, Fr. Marcelo Farfán, has fulfilled the mission entrusted to him as General Coordinator of the Salesian Institutions of Higher Education (IUS).


Father Miguel Ángel García sdb., General Councilor for Youth Ministry stated that, “It seems to me that I share a common feeling if I say that the recognition for the work carried out should constitute a testimony of gratitude not only to me and to the Sector for Youth Ministry but also to also of all those, such as the Provinces, academic institutions and people, who have benefited from it ”.


Furthermore, Fr. Miguel Ángel García, General Councilor for Youth Ministry, announced the appointment of Fr. Oscar Lozano, from the Salesian Province of Colombia-Medellin (COM), as the new General Coordinator of the IUS, who is currently a PhD candidate in Sciences of the Education of the UPS (Salesian Pontifical University – Rome) and assistant professor of the university. He has collaborated as secretary of the UPS-Q (Office of Evaluation, Research and Quality) and participates as an “Expert” in AVEPRO (Agency for the Assessment and Promotion of the Quality of Universities and Ecclesiastical Faculties of the Holy See).