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Programa de Bienestar Integral, Universidad Don Bosco, El Salvador


(Universidad Don Bosco, San Salvador) – The Salesian charism, inspired by Saint John Bosco, encourages the Universidad Don Bosco (UDB) to continue developing initiatives with a stronger focus and a more holistic vision of the Academic Community’s well-being by embracing their emotional, mental, and spiritual health together with physical wellness.


For this reason and as part of the university’s social commitment to the environment, the program Programa de Bienestar Integral (PIB) was presented to minimize the adverse effects caused by COVID-19 on students, teachers, administrative, general services, and security staff.


This program’s development contemplated an initial consultation process in which the Academic Community members participated, who expressed their needs and the services they would like to have access to strengthen their physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.


The program includes the articulated work between the accompaniment areas that comprise the General Secretariat and the support of the Department of Psychopedagogical Attention, strengthening the programs inspired by the Salesian charism that are already provided by these areas.


As an institution, UDB, are aware that they are continually facing a state of stress, a natural reaction of the human organism, in response to a physical and emotional challenge. The implementation of this program will contribute to the integral development of the community members through their active participation in the different activities developed by the units involved.


Through various actions, the program will animate and motivate to take care of physical health, adopt healthy habits and activities that improve the quality of life, also share tools that allow being resilient, face emotional situations, and improve relationships with oneself and the context. It will also provide spaces for reflection and active listening for the academic community members, which allow them to strengthen their spirituality, human sense, and personal contribution to the environment.


In the PBI three main lines of work are established: training, support, and gamification. The Department of Social Projection will coordinate the activities articulated with various departments of the Institution: Human Resources, Psychopedagogical Attention, Art and Culture, Student Assistance, and University Ministry.

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In the official presentation of the Program, the UDB President, Mario Olmos, mentioned “nobody can do for us what we ourselves are not willing to do,” and urged to value what we already have as a university community, a series of actions that drive to try to be better personally and as a community.


“We bring the program Bienestar Integral to life together, we invite you to build together what Don Bosco wanted from our Salesian house A true community in which we can all grow and have a space to continue connecting with others and with God “

– Dr. Mario Olmos, President of Universidad Don Bosco


As UDB we recognize the importance of balancing physical well-being and mental health, trusting on working within each employee, and alleviating the day-to-day conflicts so that their personal, family, and work relationships and social relationships are improved.


Different actions have been planned with dates in favor of the well-being of the educational community, such as the training process in the area of Individual Psychology (PI) in conjunction with the KWS Foundation, the development of coaching groups, soccer tournaments, psycho-pedagogical care, health days, among others.

Posted by: Erika Vanessa Méndez