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(Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Quito) – With the overall aim to find solutions related to providing services to society through partnership cooperation and projects, Vice President of the Universidad Politecnica Salesiana Cuenca campus branch Fernando Moscoso, Mayor of the city Pedro Palacios, and Counselor Omar Alvarez held a meeting.

Trough the meeting, agreements were met to continue the cooperation and expand on a work plan to deal with the current challenges due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Through this alliance, one of the priorities is to build on a comprehensive support program for children, teenagers, and youth in vulnerable situations, which is organized by the Salesian Circumscription of Ecuador, CEDIA, and other local organizations.

One of the first challenges to be addressed is providing internet services to centers, where the PACES foundation will be in charge of providing this service to children who don’t avail of an internet connection or children who suffer from homelessness situations. Thanks to ETAPA’s cooperation, these services will also be available to provide internet for families in their homes. Through this agreement, the UPS will provide more services trough various academic departments such as Education, Psychology, Systems, and others. They will be in charge of developing the project’s strategies and integration plans by assuming the following.

• Management for donations, repairs, and delivery of computers.
• The Design of a virtual school support platform.
• Follow up attention and therapeutic support in this context of crisis.
• Individualized school follow up to each child, carried out by students of the Education, Psychology Career, and others where students will be trained for this task.
• Support in the virtual environment’s management for the cooperative learning of young people who are learners in the technical and artisan area.
• Support for the development of businesses for families linked to street commerce.

During the meeting, Fernando Moscoso, Vice-rector of the Cuenca headquarters, expressed his satisfaction and gratitude to the Mayor for the opening to collaborate with projects that benefit the most vulnerable population, particularly children and young people, the primary concern of the UPS and the Foundation PACES.

For his part, Pedro Palacios, Mayor of the City, congratulated the executives of the UPS for the different initiatives they are developing and pledged their support and that of the other municipal companies.