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Fr. Juan Cárdenas , President of the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana of Ecuador

Fr. Juan Cárdenas , President of the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana of Ecuador


(Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Quito) – More than 1700 students from the Quito and Cuenca campuses received a warm welcome from the authorities of the Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS) before the start of the new academic period 57. The event was held virtually and was broadcasted live on the institutional social networks

Father Juan Cárdenas, President of the UPS, welcomed everyone stating. “We came to the university not to suffer, but to enjoy science, knowledge, and research through collective learning, not to make of ourselves a degree but to develop ourselves as mature people, with an ethical life project because educating ourselves is living responsibly. “

The Vice-rector of the Quito branch, María Sol Villagómez, referred to the UPS’s importance and highlighted that the university is part of the 95 Salesian Institutions of Higher Education IUS present in 22 countries in America, Africa, Europe, and Asia.

“Salesian education has been present in the country for more than a hundred years in different levels of education, sectors, and contexts. For us, it is our commitment to support you with the Salesian style. We expect from you, dedication, and above all, joy in the everyday tasks.”

– María Sol Villagómez, Vice-rector of the Quito branch


The Vice-Chancellor of Cuenca, Fernando Moscoso, stressed that UPS is committed to educating its students, not only from an academic perspective but also from a humanistic belief. He invited everyone to give their hearts, spirit, and knowledge to achieve their goals.

Óscar Caiza, student and member of the FEUPS, invited the students to contribute and positively strengthen the educational process they are beginning at the university. ” Only this way will we fulfill our objective of educating ourselves as responsible women and men in life and, above all, being citizens committed to building a better country.

Juan Pablo Salgado, Vice-Rector for Research, socialized the StartUPS Innovation and Entrepreneurship Ecosystem space, aiming to improve students’ innovation beyond the classroom. “Take advantage of all the opportunities, I invite you not to settle for class topics but to go further, to take advantage of a complete life project that will help you build a civilization and culture oriented to the common good,” he said.

Bernardo Salgado, secretary of Connecting with Society and the university’s internationalization, explained how to complement academics and research with more active participation in university programs. Programs such as “UPS in the world” which supports students to participate in universities in other countries and exchange programs such as Eramus Mundus.

The new students will attend virtual induction sessions on the use of Virtual Environments for Cooperative Learning AVAC, use of virtual libraries and databases, ASU Salesian University Association groups, Salesian identity and code of ethics; peer tutoring; coworking; as well as the processes in the Institute of Languages; APA standards workshops and information on their respective careers.

On October 12, classes began remotely for all careers at the Cuenca and Quito branches. To conclude the event, a video of the song called “Volveremos” was shared, a song performed by choirs of the Quito and Guayaquil branches.

Posted by: Miguel Leonardo Reino