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Virtual presentation of the agreement between the Universidad Salesiana de BOlivia and the national department of education


Presentación Intervención Psicomotriz USB

Presentación Intervención Psicomotriz USB


(Universidad Salesiana de Bolivia, La Paz) – On Friday, September 18, the Universidad Salesiana de Bolivia and the national department of education signed the interinstitutional Agreement and presented the Program “Psychomotor support, to aid teaching in the Centers for Special Education(CEEs), part of the Directorate General of Special Education.” The virtual conference had the participation of Deputy Minister of Alternative and Special Education, Alfredo Copaja, the Chancellor of USB, Father Juan Pablo Zabala, sdb, the General Director of Special Education, Ms. Carola Molina Ergueta, university authorities, and the Deputy Directors of Alternative and Special Education departments.

The agreement will implement a System of Pre-Professional internships in 174 Special Education Centers throughout the country, where students from the last semesters of the Psychomotority, Health, Education, and Sports career will perform the program. This strategy is expected to help improve the educational process that the Ministry has been developing with children, young people, and adults with disabilities.

On this occasion, the Chancellor of USB thanked the authorities of the Ministry of Education, the Directors, Assistant Directors and teachers, for providing a committed service to special education, which provides care to the less fortunate, by aiding them in their formation. “Let us ask the good Lord to give us the wisdom and strength to take actions on behalf of the most vulnerable population,” manifested the highest authority of the Salesians in Bolivia.

From his part, the Deputy Minister of Special and Alternative Education highlighted that the Pandemic did not stop around 160 thousand participants from continuing their educational work remotely. He also thanked the accessibility of USB for carrying out this cooperative work, which will meet the needs and expectations of the population and improve the quality of education from a psychomotor intervention.

“With this support, we are moving forward, aiding people who really need help, in a professional logic of transformation and paving the way for other Universities to also cooperate with the integral work of the Vice Ministries.”

– Alfredo Copaja, Vice Minister of Special Education

The presentation was led by the director of the Psychomotor Career, Ms. Eliana Maldonado, who explained the focus, strategies, and tools of the partnership that will contribute to the educational program’ for children and adolescents with disabilities. The program aims to put aside the “symptom or disability” to focus on the “person,” understanding that when focused on the pathology and the deficit, it tends to disable even more. The psychomotor support program will allow a better approach based on autonomy, participation, and self-management of children and adolescents with disabilities to flourish.

Posted by: Patricia Bravo