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Authorities of Unisalesiano and Araçatuba city administration sign the renovation contract for the former Araçatuba Municipal Emergency Room


(UniSALESIANO, Araçatuba e Lins) – On Monday, September 14, the renovation contract for the former Araçatuba Municipal Emergency Room building was signed. The former building will now house a new specialties clinic.

The renovation is a partnership between the Centro Universitário Católico Salesiano Auxilium – UniSALESIANO and the City Hall of Araçatuba.

The agreement was signed by Fr. Luigi Favero, Rector of UniSALESIANO, and by the Municipal Health Secretary, Carmen Silvia Guariente.

The former Emergency Room building, located at Rua Dona Ida, 1.350, will undergo renovations. UniSALESIANO signed a contract with the company J. E. Construção e Impermeabilização Eireli – ME, with architectural and electrical projects approved by the city. The investment is R$ 973,725.25.

According to Fr. Luigi Favero, the work will be done by units, starting with the reception and physiotherapy sector, with the expectation of finishing this 1st stage in 2 months.

According to Carmem Guariente, all the specialties that attend today at the NGA (Assistance Management Center 2) and at HMM (Municipal Women’s Hospital) will be transferred to the Specialties Clinic. Some of them are orthopedics, dermatology, otolaryngology, physiotherapy, cardiology, ostomy, etc. Other specialties will be included according to the time and need.

“The investment will guarantee a quality internship area for students, and their knowledge will be available to professionals in the health system. This will also aid the community, who will have more quality services at their disposal”.

Posted by: Monique Bueno de Oliveira