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La comunicación con los periodistas como ayuda a la gestión de la información, Comunicación en la Familia Salesiana

La comunicación con los periodistas como ayuda a la gestión de la información, Comunicación en la Familia Salesiana


(ANS – Rome) – The publication of the series of articles conceived and written by Fr. Maciej Makuła, SDB, a member of the Social Communication Sector, which focus on the theme of Communication in the Salesian Family, continues. After the first contribution, “External and Internal Communication in the Salesian Family,” in this second paper, the author aims to explore communication with journalists as an aid to information management.


The article begins by emphasizing the importance of working with journalists in information management, and then answers a fundamental question: what is meant, in today’s world, by the term journalist? “With the rise of social media and changing ways of communicating information, the role of the journalist and journalism has changed significantly over the past two decades,” explains Fr. Makuła. “What is known as the classic, older way of doing journalism may not be suitable for the younger part of the profession and vice versa.”


Indeed, modern technologies imply substantial changes in the journalism profession worldwide. Understanding these differences between the more classical way of doing journalism and new trends is therefore an important aid to effective collaboration with journalists and the media. In light of this, then, this month’s article will also outline practical rules for dealing with journalists.


After a wide-ranging and interesting excursus on the meaning of journalism and the role of the journalist, from the first school of journalism founded in 1908 up to the 21st century, the author focuses on how Don Bosco and the Salesians after him approached communication and media coverage of events.



“Many years ago, St. John Bosco spoke about the importance of media coverage, how important it was for the activities of the Salesian Family to have visibility in the media,” writes Fr. Makuła. “Don Bosco spoke of the need for various forms of publicity and promotion in the press of his time. Probably, in the context of his time, he was an effective media relations specialist,” he adds.


Even today, communication with journalists represents an extremely important factor for the Salesian Family. “Contacts with journalists of the older and younger generations bring real benefits in the field of promotion of organizations related to the Salesian Charism,” the author continues. “Professional management of the circulation of information fosters good relations with the media of different sectors, while knowledge of practical rules, related to contacts with journalists, provides the basis for the creation of responsible content,” he concludes.


The full text of the article can be downloaded here at the bottom of the page and is available in Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Polish.


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Source: ANS – “Agenzia iNfo Salesiana”