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"Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival" (DBGYFF): "Love builds Peace & Solidarity" 2023

"Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival" (DBGYFF): "Love builds Peace & Solidarity" 2023


(ANS – Roma) – After the great success of the first edition of the “Don Bosco Global Youth Film Festival” (DBGYFF), carried out worldwide in November 2021, the Social Communication Sector of the Salesian Congregation has decided to propose the second edition of the world-class Salesian youth film festival, aimed also in this case at bringing together and involving young people from all over the world, and especially this time those from Salesian environments, to be bearers of a message of peace and hope and to be protagonists of the change the world needs. “Love builds Peace and Solidarity” is the guiding motto of this second edition, scheduled for 13-14 October.


DBGYFF, Season one was indeed a significant success. With the theme “Moved by Hope,” it received 1,686 entries from 116 countries, which were viewed by the 100 Preliminary Jurors (including many Salesians) from different parts of the world, and subsequently by the members of the Grand Jury, who shortlisted the entries, and finalized the prize winners. The festival was held in 260 locations in 50 countries and was truly a global voice resounding the name of Don Bosco, Youth, and Hope across the globe.


“After the evaluation and discernment made at the end of the first edition of DBGYFF, we decided to take forward this initiative annually,” explained Fr. Gildasio Mendes, General Councilor for Social Communication. “In fact, it offers a golden opportunity: for our young people – to meet and express themselves, generating in them so much enthusiasm, energy, and co-responsibility; for our Salesians – to accompany, guide, and motivate young people in their creative pursuit; to unite the members of the Salesian family, and echo the name of Don Bosco and our mission for the young worldwide.”


The second edition, will be supported by the foundation DON BOSCO NEL MONDO, like DBGYFF season one. Two different categories of participants are envisaged: Juniors (14-19 years old) and Seniors (20-25 years old), all belonging to the institutions of the Salesian Family (schools, Vocational Training Centers, Institutes of Higher Education, Parishes, Oratories…).


“The first edition was proposed on a global level to define us globally, and it was open to the whole world. This second edition is meant to be a journey ad intra, re-engineered specifically for the Salesian world, to bring the young people of our houses and institutions closer together,” affirmed Fr. Harris Pakkam, the Festival Director.


He then highlighted the aims of DBGYFF 2023: “We want to dialogue with the youth of the Salesian world, with their languages, and involve them in the transformation of society; encourage them to express their talents and create visual content on the theme; and form and motivate them to become apostles and ambassadors of love.”


As for the technical data, short films (up to 5 minutes in length) of any genre (music videos, documentaries, comedies, silent films, animated films…) can be submitted again this year. And as an additional incentive to participate, a total of 100,000 euros will be awarded to the winners. The best shorts at the Global level (10 prizes of 2,000 euros) and the best shorts at the Regional level (70 prizes of 1,000 euros each for the seven Salesian Regions) will be awarded, and there will also be 100 Local prizes.


The selection mechanism of the short films has also been refined, based on the first edition: each regional team will judge the films in their relevant geographical area and award the best 10 of their region. In addition, the 25 films deemed best in each region will be submitted to the global level competition, which will be judged by the Grand Jury.


Undoubtedly, the very organization of the festival will be significant and fruitful for the Congregation, the Salesian Family, and the youth: “The experience of synergy and working as a network must be seen as a real fruit of this initiative between the young people, the Salesians of the Provinces and the Salesian Family… This new project will make a tangible contribution to the transformation of society and will have very positive effects among young people,” concluded Fr. Mendes enthusiastically.


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Source: ANS – “Agenzia iNfo Salesiana”