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International webinar on Hydroponics, Don Bosco College of Agriculture,Sulcorna,Goa

International Webinar in Hydroponics, DBCA


Don Bosco College of Agriculture is organizing an International webinar on Hydroponics. The information and live demonstration in the webinar may motivate youth and entrepreneurs to Opt for hydroponics as a business venture.

When talking about the future of Agriculture, Hydroponic farming is generating a lot of attention among farmers, entrepreneurs, and people interested in growing their own greens. This system is popularly known for:
  • Growing vegetables and fruits organically without soil.
  • Being 40% more nutritious than traditional farming.,
  • Using 90% less water and being pesticide-free.
  • Growing 30-50 percent faster than a soil plant

We request you to motivate your friends, farmers, youth, entrepreneurs to attend the webinar.



April 15, 2021, Time 10:00 am (Duration – 3 hours)



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