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The academic community of IUSVE carrying out the project "the Ethical Closet" within the university to promote an ecological spirit

The academic community of IUSVE carrying out the project "the Ethical Closet" within the university to promote an ecological spirit


(Istituto Universitario Salesiano Venezia, Verona) – The fashion industry, and especially “fast fashion“, has imposed new trends and lifestyles for enjoying fashion that are dangerous for people and the planet. According to a United Nations report, the fashion industry has an enormous responsibility for global pollution and increasingly threatens the values ​​of sustainability, quality of materials, and work ethic. However, more and more associations are fighting against the cheap labor imposed by this system. For this reason, with the start of the new academic semester, which will be animated by an ecological spirit in all fields, the Istituto Universitario Salesiano Venezia (IUSVE) has inaugurated a particular project: “the ethical closet“.


The project carried out between the end of September and the beginning of October provided a space within IUSVE. With a structured itinerary of exhibition panels featuring the story of the garment presented, the origin of the fabric and sustainable approaches, all accompanied by a real wardrobe, in which clothes and fabrics from some local brands involved in this direction were exhibited.


The idea of ​​setting up an ethical closet or wardrobe comes from the teachers Francesca Bonotto, designer and fashion graphic of the exhibition, and Marco Sanavio, concerning the brands and people known during the “ModaPuntoCom” experience. This program talks about ethical and sustainable fashion and fashion communication. Thanks to the space made available by Cube Radio through programs and courses, the two teachers have been addressing these issues for some years.


“This is the first of a series of events, seminars, and awareness-raising initiatives that will accompany the next three years dedicated to the Integral Ecology Project and new lifestyles,” added Fr Nicola Giacopini, director of IUSVE.

“As a university, we have accepted and made our own heartfelt appeal of when Pope Francis addressed to the whole world in Laudato Sì. An integral vision of nature and the world understood as a ‘common home’ to be preserved and made more and more hospitable for all, especially young people and those excluded. An encyclical, the ‘Laudato Sì, which is very reductive to describe as simply environmental: it is highly social. The ethical closet is proof and an example of this.”

– Fr. Nicola Giacopini, Director of IUSVE.

Source: Agencia iNfo Salesiana