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Nella festa di San Francesco di Sales è nato “Cube live”, il magazine digitale dello Istituto Universitario Salesiano de Venezia (IUSVE)

Nella festa di San Francesco di Sales è nato “Cube live”, il magazine digitale dello Istituto Universitario Salesiano de Venezia (IUSVE)


(Istituto Universitario Salesiano de Venezia, Italia) – The Salesian University Institute, Venice (IUSVE) “Cube live” magazine came into existence on the liturgical feast of Saint Francis de Sales, an extension of the “Cube radio” magazine, which since 2019 has offered an information and digital reporting service to the academic family. “Cube live” will also use applications governed by Artificial Intelligence to complete the contents fashioned by the editorial staff and will propose formation contributions in the field of education for the critical use of digital screens.


“Taking inspiration from the work of St Francis de Sales, patron saint of journalists,” explained Fr Nicola Giacopini, Director of IUSVE ” we also want to maintain constant contact with the scene through this new communication opportunity and, at the same time, strengthen the internal communication network. The university institute magazine will allow us to pursue one of our founding principles, that is, the commitment to the search for truth and the formative mission, in harmony with evangelical values and the Salesian educational tradition.”


The “Bites” format is being prepared these days, which will highlight the excellence within the University Institute and “Iusve international”, on internships and periods of study abroad experienced by students.


“It is a digital service” explained Marco Sanavio, Director of institutional communication at IUSVE, “that will summarise the intense activity of the academic family, highlighting its values and bringing out the demands that come from student community: from the paradigm of integral ecology that involves all the components of the Institute, to the high-profile horizons traced by research and the third mission.”


Among the students who will contribute to the editorial staff of the magazine are Valerio Bertoncin (based in Venice) and Fabrizio Rospo (based in Verona) together with the “IUSVE ambassador”, a group composed of Giulia Compagnin, Elisa Filippini, Stefano Girotti and Ginevra Visioli, who will take care of the animation of social media at the University Institute.


The “Cube live” magazine will be published in its full version and will be fully operational within the new IUSVE website from 23 February, the opening date of the 2023-2024 academic year.


Source: ANS – “Agenzia iNfo Salesiana”