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Boletín N°4 del Observatorio de Políticas Migratorias
Boletín N°4 del Observatorio de Políticas Migratorias

Boletín N°4 del Observatorio de Políticas Migratorias


(Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez, Santiago de Chile) The Migration Policy Observatory of UCSH Centre for Research in Social Sciences and Youth (CISJU) has published its Bulletin No. 4 “Expulsion and Expelled: Selective Precarization in Border Policy”.

The publication discusses the Migration law currently happening in Congress. For this reason, the bulletin seeks to provide systematic information on the consequences that the measures of these law projects are having on migrants. An example with the case with consular visas and the measure of tightening restrictions on entrance to the country.

Among its main findings is, first, the significant increase in the illegal entry of foreign people to Chile in the last two years. Eduardo Thayer, a researcher at CISJU-UCSH responsible of the investigation points out the increase is not randomly classified among the different nationalities but focuses precisely on those that have been subject to restrictive policies regarding entry: mainly Venezuelan, Dominican, and Cuban, although there is also a very significant increase among Haitians.

Furthermore, the study also indicates 2018 there was a change in expulsion policy in Chile, focusing on accelerating the deportation of persons who already had an expulsion order for having committed a crime and serving time for it.

“About 80% of the expulsions executed in recent years have affected foreigners who were in Chilean prisons and who were serving sentences for less than 3 years and 1 day. On the other hand, until 2017, 80% of expulsions were administrative, for failures to comply under the established Alien laws.

“This means the expulsion policy changes from a policy based on border control, to an expulsion policy aimed at the decompression of prisons”

– Eduardo Thayer researcher of  CISJU-UCSH

The researcher points out, this is relevant because there is a significant decrease in expulsions attributed to the faults of alien law, “and thus there is a paradox of a scenario that shows increased border control, but its the opposite, since the measures begin to be carried, from 2018, on the expulsions of convicted persons and not migrants entering the country illegally”.

The development of the Bulletin of the Observatory on Migration Policies is the product of the work carried out under the Ringos SOC180008 project of the ANID. This is an associative project in which professor Luis Eduardo Thayer, the well recognized renowned researchers María Emilia Tijoux, from the Faculty of Social Sciences of the University of Chile, and Liliana Galdamez and Rita Lages from the Faculty of Law from the mentioned university.

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Posted by: Jenny Díaz Hernández