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(Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Cuenca) – The Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS) and the Chamber of Small Industries (CAPIA for its acronym in Spanish) officially presented the project “Cátedra Hablemos 786” which encompasses a training course led by the economics undergraduate program in the branch campus in Cuenca. The aim is to encourage the acquisition of local and national products and highlight production in Ecuador in hopes of an economic upturn. 


.The aim of the national campaign “Somos 786, Somos Ecuador” run by CAPIA is to make national products known about and connect producers and buyers, which will help keep businesses operating, create jobs and overcome the crisis caused by the pandemic.


“During the crisis one the most affected sectors has been production and economics, it is an opportunity for academia and CAPIA to work together to help reactivate this sector”.

– P. Juan Cárdenas, President of the UPS


Fernando Romero, President of CAPIA, said: “today we are creating a new direction, we are creating awareness in Ecuadorians on the importance of analyzing their consumption decisions. At the end of this process we hope to become more responsible citizens and support national products in order to protect jobs”. 


Posted by: Miguel Leonardo Reino