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UPS es centro de vacunación contra el COVID-19 en sus tres sedes


(Universidad Politécnica Salesiana, Cuenca) – The Universidad Politécnica Salesiana (UPS) campus branch in Cuenca is a vaccination center that has been designated by the Ministry of Public Health.


UPS president Juan Cardenas was in the university coliseum to witness the vaccination process, he stated


“The university has provided its premises to help support the vaccination process of the elderly. We are at the service of the Ministry of Public Health, our three branch campuses are supporting this cause”.

– Fr. Juan Cárdenas, Rector de la UPS


The University President added also that “the Institution has put its facilities at the service of the Ministry of Public Health in its three locations: Cuenca, Quito, and Guayaquil, with the sole purpose of helping overcome this health crisis.”


Dr. Julio Molina, Regional Coordinator of the Ministry of Public Health, thanked the UPS for the facilities it provides for the progress of the vaccination process and indicated that “the UPS facilities are the most suitable, due to their location. , the expanse and the logistical support of the personnel “.


Testimonies such as that of Mrs. Matilde Sarmiento, 94 years old, or Mrs. María Saldaña, 97 years old, stated that they were happy to receive the vaccine so that in time they could reunite with their grandchildren. They thanked the UPS for having provided the facilities “we were provided with chairs so that we could sit while we wait for our turn,” they recognize that UPS is an outgoing university, with the goal to reach the most vulnerable areas.


Posted by: Miguel Leonardo Reino