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Students of the Projeto Integrador do , Brasil

Students of the Projeto Integrador do UNISAL - Centro Universitário Salesiano de São Paulo , Brasil


(Centro Universitário Salesiano, São Paulo) – The market is continually changing, so that future professionals find complete training, which makes them learn and develop skills in the chosen field as a profession, even in graduation.

The graduate’s profile is essential for the Centro Universitário Salesiano de São Paulo – UNISAL which is why the Integrator Project is included in all its study programs. This project is a mandatory academic activity for completing the career. The program can be completed throughout the student’s academic life.

UNISAL aims to make their student complete professionals by fully developing their skills, such as learning research techniques and decision making based on real challenges. To enhance these skills, the teachers offer their full support.

Throughout the academic journey, the students develop their Integrator Project in a group, carrying out the necessary exchange of knowledge and experiences, balancing emotional intelligence and initiatives in proposing solutions to the problems encountered.

After all, companies and associates are advancing towards an increasingly humanized profile, both for commercial and customer relations. Professionals must know how to deal with people and control emotions in a balanced way in the business world and the job market.

Therefore, for the development of humanistic issues, which is fully applied by Salesian teaching, the student receives full support from the University Ministry. Students get the opportunity to know themselves and others to identify their roles in society, collaborating effectively for social development.

To give more information on the integrator project for those interested in seeking a university with a high interest in their students’ education, UNISAL launched an explanatory and practical video. All the common doubts about concepts, notes, and project development methods are all listed in a simplified manner.

Learn more about the Integrator Project in the following video